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Scent Detection

Image of Scent Detection

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Prerequisites: Completion of Foundation Skills at When Hounds Fly. Please note this class is only open to alumni who have completed Foundation Skills class.

When Hounds Fly is pleased to offer Scent Detection classes. Have you wondered how dogs are trained to detect bed bugs, specific flora and fauna, or contraband (narcotics, explosives, etc.)? In this class, we will teach you how to train your dog to be motivated to search for, detect, and indicate they have found a specific scent.

The class curriculum is organized around preparing your dog to participate in a Designated Odour Test (DOT) and the target odour we will default to is Wintergreen.


Virtual Students must obtain their own equipment, most is from the Dollar Store, other than Essential oil which will likely have to order online.
If you're having trouble getting Essential Oil (Wintergreen) in time, we can arrange for contactless pickup of Wintergreen q-tips at one of our trainer's homes (all in the City of Toronto)

Wintergreen Essential Oil (or whichever odour you wish to train for)
Airtight jar to store scented q-tips
Tweezers and gloves to handle odour
4 x Cosmetic tins, or Tupperware containers (condiment sized), with holes cut in top
Blu-tack adhesive


Handling and preparing scent, scent tins, and cold and hot boxes
Building motivation to conduct search work
Building commitment to remain and indicate the detection of the target odour
Practicing for your Designated Odour Test (DOT)

Number of Classes: 5
Maximum Number of Dogs Per Class: 5

Instructor: Hu Wang
Sessions: 5pm and 6pm
Starts Thursday April 16
Ends Thursday May 14

Coming Soon